Where Was The Field For Super Bowl 50 At Levi’s Stadium Grown?

Where Was The Field For Super Bowl 50 At Levi’s Stadium Grown?


LIVINGSTON (CBS13) — While two out-of-state teams will play in Super Bowl 50, the turf will be grown in the Central Valley.

The Levi’s Stadium field is currently rolled up neatly sitting in a Livingston sod ranch. It’s not retiring from the NFL, just sitting out the biggest game of the year.

For the first time, the old field is getting replanted. It’ll live to perform for another professional season.

“It may go to the Oakland Coliseum, it may go to the LA Coliseum, it’ll just depend on the stadium, the timing, and when the grass is ready,” said Greg Dunn.

West Coast Turf provided the last eight Super Bowl turfs, including the Super Bowl 50 turf planted earlier this week in Santa Clara. The NFL grass got special treatment in Livingston through the California drought.

“When it’s raining, we’ll put covers on it to keep excess water off the field. And when it’s cold, we have blankets we put on the field to keep the grass warm,” he said.

The trick to growing professional grass is what’s underneath it.

“The plastic, the base,” Dunn said. “That creates a very tightly knitted very durable, very rigid piece of grass.”

So tough it can handle a halftime show stage and plenty of tackles.

Pieces of the old Levi’s Stadium turf are for sale, but run more than $3 a square foot.

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